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Body Coverage Perfector

Body Coverage Perfector

(386 Reviews)


check_circle Conceals Imperfections

check_circle Water & Transfer Proof

check_circle Provides a natural-looking finish

Regular price $30 USD
Regular price $30 USD Sale price $70 USD
SAVE 57% Sold out


Body Coverage Perfector

Body Coverage Perfector

Regular price $30
Regular price $30 Sale price $70
SAVE 57% Sold out
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    After years of feeling self-conscious about my age spots and blemishes, I finally feel confident in my own skin. It blends seamlessly, looks incredibly natural, and lasts all day without transferring. For the first time in a long time, I can wear dresses and swimsuits without worrying about my imperfections. It's given me a new sense of freedom and self-assurance.

    Renee J.
  • Share positive thoughts and feedback from your customer.

    Renee J.
  • Share positive thoughts and feedback from your customer.


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We're so confident in our Body Makeup that we invite you to try it without any risk.

    That's why we offer a Satisfaction or Refund Guarantee.

    If you're not completely satisfied, simply contact us here and we will issue you a refund.

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    • ★★★★★

      Mary T.

      This thing s a game-changer!!! No more hiding under cover-ups at the pool. This one-shade wonder gives me the even, natural coverage I need to feel truly comfortable and carefree in a swimsuit.

    • ★★★★★

      Michelle A.

      I used to spend ages trying to find the right shade of body makeup, and it never looked quite right. But this body makeup works! One shade that blends perfectly with my skin tone, no weird streaks or cakey feeling. It's like magic, and it makes me feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.

    • ★★★★★

      Denice H.

      This body makeup is helping me slowly gain back my confidence. I used to be terrified of wearing anything that showed my legs because of a few scars. This one-shade wonder lets me cover them up in a way that looks natural. It's a small step, but it feels huge. Maybe next summer, I'll be rocking a swimsuit again!

      Blemishes, age spots, stretch marks, uneven skin tone...

      We all have imperfections, but why should they stop you from enjoying summer? Ditch the long sleeves and embrace the sunshine with our Body Coverage Perfector, the revolutionary body makeup that lets your confidence shine.

      Flawless From Head to Toe

      Unlike self-tanners or heavy foundations, this Body Coverage Perfector offers buildable, natural-looking coverage.

      Whether you want to camouflage a few sun spots or minimize the appearance of stretch marks, this lightweight formula blends seamlessly, leaving you with even-toned, radiant skin.

      Effortless Application, All-Day Confidence

      No makeup experience needed! This Body Coverage Perfector applies quickly and easily with a brush or your hands.

      The buildable coverage lets you customize your look, and the water-resistant formula ensures it stays put all day long. Sweat, splashes, and even light rain won't ruin your flawless finish.

      Coverage That's Made For You

      Ditch the shade matching struggle! The Body Coverage Perfector uses a groundbreaking formula that adjusts to your unique skin tone, giving you a flawless, natural finish in just one shade.

      No more worrying about a mismatched look - this revolutionary product blends seamlessly, leaving you with full coverage that enhances your beauty without feeling heavy or cakey.

      Satisfaction Guarantee

      We're so confident in our Body Coverage Perfector that we invite you to try it without any risk.

      That's why we offer a Satisfaction or Refund Guarantee.

      If you're not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Does it smell?

      No, our Body MakeUp doesn't smell. It is scent-free.


      Can it cover spots, veins, cellulite, scars and tattoos?

      Yes! Our Body MakeUp covers lots of things like spots, veins, and even tattoos really well. It can also make cellulite look less noticeable.


      How long does it last?

      Our Body MakeUp stays on for 48 hours before you need to put it on again.


      Can I put sunscreen on top?

      Yes, you can use sunscreen with it. Just make sure the makeup is completely dry first. To avoid disturbing the makeup, we recommend using a sunscreen spray on top. This way, you can protect your skin without messing up your makeup. Another great option is to use a makeup setting spray that has SPF in it. This helps keep your makeup in place and gives you sun protection at the same time.


      Can I swim with it?

      Absolutely! Once it dries, you can swim and it won’t wash off. It is water-proof and transfer-proof.


      How long does it take to dry?

      It dries in about 3-5 minutes if you use a thin layer. Always check by touching it to make sure it's dry.


      Can I use it on my face?

      Yes, you can use it as a concealer or foundation on your face.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 54 reviews

      Mom life = tired skin. Body makeup helps hide the exhaustion (wink wink). Plus, it gives my skin a healthy-looking glow. Love it!


      Never thought I'd find a body makeup that worked for me, but this is amazing! Easy to apply, great coverage, and no weird smell.


      Body makeup is a lifesaver! No more self-tanner streaks - this stuff gives me a natural-looking glow that even covers my freckles. Feeling cute this summer!


      Body makeup is my new summer BFF. Covers sun spots and evens out my skin tone for a flawless finish. Feeling beach-ready for the first time in ages!


      Didn't believe the hype about body makeup at first, but I'm a believer now! Covers my age spots and even gives my skin a bit of a shimmer. Feeling summery and radiant!